What Should You Know About The Blood Test?

Nowadays a method that is most in use to detect any disease or to know about hemoglobin is the blood testing technique. It is the best technique that diagnostic frequently uses to find out any health-related issues by having accurate results from this blood testing technique.

Only you need is to give some quantity of blood to the diagnostic with the help of injection then he will work on it with the help of some chemicals available in his lab he will provide you the results.

blood test

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Some common terms those are used in blood tests

  •    Hemoglobin count

Globin is the important part of your blood.  Due to presence of hemoglobin our blood’s color is red and this red color indicates that there is the good transportation of the oxygen by the blood.

The count of the hemoglobin should be high if your body has a good amount of hemoglobin then you can easily fight any disease as you would be having good immunity as well as good energy.




  •    Counting of Red blood cells

This count shows that amount of blood cells present in your body that carries oxygen around your body. Having the low amount of red blood cells indicates that you are suffering from anemia.

So the level of red blood cells should be high.

  •    Counting of white blood cells

This type of cells acts as soldiers in your body as they help you to fight from viruses, harmful bacteria and some other microbial that causes diseases.

Having a low white blood cell level indicates that you have low immunity and your body is not strong enough to fight against diseases.

So it’s good to have high white blood cell level.