What Should You Know About The Dentures?

Most of the people are dealing with the problem of the tooth loss either due to an accident or decaying of teeth.  Having denture treatment is the best solution for your dental problem.

Dentures are the artificial dental frame that holds a set of artificial teeth or may hold only one tooth. They can be removed as and when required.

These dentures are supported and fixed with the help of gum applied to the jaw bone. They look more like a natural set of teeth.

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What are the different types of dentures?

Depending on the number of teeth that are missing or decayed there are two most common types of dentures available:

  •    Temporary Dentures

These types of denture repairs are also known as immediate dentures as these are installed immediately after the completion of treatment. The motive of these dentures is to heal the gum as well as jaw in order to maintain the ability of the jaw so that it can hold new teeth set.

These types of dentures are the best option to replace the broken, decayed or missing tooth.

  •    Permanent  Dentures

This denture involves complete healing of the tissues and gums. The permanent dentures are quite difficult to remove as most of the dentist fix it permanently. There is no need to wash it like that in case of temporary dentures. A routine brushing is enough to keep them clean.

The permanent dentures don’t get yellowish in color after some period of time and there is no need to worry about the slippage of the tooth as well.

Some benefits of dentures

  •    Helps you to improve your facial appearance
  •    Allows you to chew food just like your natural teeth
  •    Enables proper pronunciation of the words as with missing teeth people aren’t able to pronounce correctly their words.


Tips to take care of your denture

  •    If you have got temporary dentures, always put your denture in the pure water or in a cleaning solution so that they don’t get dried.
  •    For permanent ones, clean your dentures every day by brushing your teeth.
  •    Prevent your denture from falling as they are made up of delicate material and can break. 

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